Pressure Mounts On Telcos To Explain ‘Call Forwarding’ Trend

The Consumer Advocacy Centre (CAC), a consumer rights advocacy and research group is calling on telecommunication companies in Ghana to explain “to the general public, the feedback that consumers receive on their phones when they dial *#61#.”

They are also calling on “Multichoice Ghana to explain to the Ghanaian consumer as to why DSTV charges are expensive in Ghana than that of Nigeria”.

The group in a press statement signed by the President of CAC, Prof Goski Alabi, observed through research that “a large number of Ghanaian mobile phone users receive ‘Call Forwarded, Data Sync, Video Forwarded’, etc to strange numbers. Few others we captured in our survey had ‘Call Not Forwarded’”.

As a consumer rights advocacy and research group, the group said it deems it a consumer right for Ghanaians to know the meaning of such arrangements which they claim is done on behalf of consumers by the service providers (telcos).

Meanwhile random checks by also show that the call forwarding, data sync, sms forwarding, video forwarding’ feedbacks are quite popular among mobile phone users when they *#61#.

CAC say the right of consumers to information should not be taken for granted by the telecos in the country hence their demand for answers.

They are also demanding an explanation to an observation they say show some discrepancies in DSTV prices in Ghana and Nigeria.

“Comparing DSTV Premium charges between the two countries, we found out that whilst Nigerian consumers pay 14, 700 (Naira), {equivalent of 190 Ghanaian Cedis}, the Ghanaian consumer is charged 330 Ghanaian Cedis for the same service”

These calls were made Thursday, March 15 to mark this year’s World Consumers Rights Day. World Consumers Rights Day is marked by the consumer movement annually as a means of raising global awareness about consumer rights and needs.


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