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PIWC Living Spring District Fetes 36 Families

The Pentecost International Worship Centre (PIWC) Living Spring District in the United Kingdom has held its second edition of the ‘Anchor of Love’ programme. The initiative is part of the district’s evangelistic drive which seeks to win souls in its catchment area.

The Anchor of Love programme is an initiative by the Church to reach out to the local community where the church is located. Each person at the programme received a hamper and a gift voucher.

The recipients from diverse backgrounds live in the borough. Also at the programme was the Mayor of the Royal Borough of Greenwich Council, Christine May. She was accompanied by the former Mayor and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Wale Babatola, who are both Councillors in the borough.

The Pastor in-charge, William Doe Kugbeadjor, said their motivation was purely based on love as postulates by Jesus Christ.

The Mayor of the Royal Borough of Greenwich Council, Christine May, praised The Church of Pentecost for the initiative of reaching out to community members.  She was happy that the church co-exists peacefully with the community members.

The National Deacon of the Church, Elder Joe Adomako, commended PIWC Living Spring District for the initiative.

Report by Peggy Ama Donkor

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