PENSA – Greater Accra Honours Chairman

The Pentecost Students & Associates of the University of Ghana, Legon (PENSA-Legon), in collaboration with the PENSA branches in Greater Accra, has organised an event in honour of the Chairman of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Professor Opoku Onyinah, and his wife, Mrs. Grace Opoku Onyinah.

The event, which was held at the Mensah Sarbah Hall on February 18, 2018, was to celebrate the Chairman’s intellectual works and music ministry.

Among the many people who thronged the event venue to witness the spectacle were: Apostle Anthony Ahalivor (Madina Area Head), Apostle Onyinah Gyamfi (Dansoman Area), Elder Professor Stephen Owusu Kwankye (Finance Board Chairman), Pastor Ebenezer Hagan (Travelling Secretary, Greater Accra), Apostle Ephraim K. Barabu (Rtd.), as well as some family members of the Chairman and ministers of the Church.

As part of the event, Mrs. Grace Opoku Onyinah was given the opportunity to share some personal experiences with the teeming audience. During the session, she advised young ladies not to be scared of entering the full-time ministry.

She advised the young women, particularly those who are skeptical about their ability to serve as ministers’ wives, to bear in mind that it does not depend on one’s own strength and capabilities to succeed in ministry but it only takes the grace of God. She, therefore, advised that should such an opportunity come their way, they should not be quick to deny it but approach it prayerfully and seek divine guidance.

Mrs. Opoku Onyinah said that what she admires most about her husband is his fear and love for the Lord, his commitment to the work of God, his strong conviction in the existence of the Lord whom he serves, and his love and respect for her and others.

Asked about what she thought of the future of the Church, Mrs. Opoku Onyinah said that she is much convinced that the future of the Church would be much glorious than it currently is today.

She said that just as the founding leaders passed on the mantle to subsequent generations who have all done well to steer the Church to its present state, she is convinced that subsequent generations after them would also continue in the same way and lead the Church to a much glorious height in the future.

Apostle Professor Opoku Onyinah and wife will be retiring later this year from active service after 42 years of fruitful ministry.

Elder Professor Owusu Kwankye shared the profile of the Chairman with the audience after which, Elder Dr Joseph Osafo Adu and Mrs. Georgina Asante took turns to eulogise the Chairman on his books, articles published in International Christian Journals, and his song ministry respectively.

During this session, the Chairman was acknowledged for his vast contributions to the Christian community in Ghana and the world at large. He was also acknowledged for receiving over 150 songs through divine inspiration. These songs were received spontaneously during his devotional times.

A drama sketch on the life story of the Chairman from his early years as a fledgling Christian, his marriage to Mrs. Grace Opoku Onyinah, his call into the full-time ministry, through to his appointment as Chairman of the Church, was also staged by the Pentecost Literary Society (PLS) to the delight of all gathered.

The highlight of the event came when Apostle Professor Opoku Onyinah was invited to the podium to address the gathering. He took them through the stories behind some of the books he authored as well as the inspiration behind some of the songs he received. Some students, who had read some of the Chairman’s books, took turns to ask some pertinent questions for him to respond to them for the benefit of all gathered.

To climax the event, the Chairman and his wife were presented with a citation and a pencilled artwork by the organisers of the event in recognition of his great contributions to The Church of Pentecost and Christianity as a whole.

The Chairman, in his final remarks, thanked the organisers of the event for the honour done him and extended his appreciation to all who came in their numbers to support the event.

He took the opportunity to advise the youth to develop a personal relationship with God and have a strong belief that He is indeed real. He also advised them to avail themselves for the Lord to use them to serve His purpose, emphasizing that “the best thing to do in this life is to fulfil the purpose of your calling.”

The Chairman also prayed for the Lord to pass on the mantle of leadership and the graces bestowed on him to the youth so that they would do exploits.


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