Pastors Asked To Teach Their Congregations About Wealth Creation

The Executive Chairman of the Jospong Group of Companies, Elder Dr. Joseph Siaw Agyepong, has called on pastors and church leaders to teach their congregations about the need to create wealth according to the biblical principles.

“There are 2,000 verses on money alone in the Bible. Wealth should not be left in the hands of people who do not know Christ; it is important for Christians to be wealthy so they can promote gospel related activities.”

Elder Dr. Agyepong was speaking during the track session at the ongoing Empowered21 Africa Congress in Johannesburg South Africa on Thursday, May 17, 2018, on the topic: “Christian Business Ethics and Network.”

“Why should we go to the world to ask for assistance before we can send the gospel to different places?” he asked, adding, “Pastors must be interested in teachings about money, because the Bible talks about money more than other principles.”

Dr. Agyepong disclosed that out of the 36 parables Jesus Christ talked about in the Bible, 16 of them were teachings on money and possessions.

“Every minister must learn about economics. After you have fasted and prayed, you will eat and that is where the need for money comes in,” he said.

He said the human race was created by God to solve problems and it started in the Garden of Eden.

He called on pastors to help wealthy members in their churches to manage their wealth so as to consolidate their wealth. “Sometimes when people become rich they tend to misbehave, not attending church services regularly and doing all sorts of things, “he bemoaned.

He quoted John 15:16 and explained that the Lord Jesus wants the fruit of wealthy Christians to last through generations.

He mentioned that biblical characters like Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph of Arimathea, among others became wealthy in their generations.

He said 56.2 percent of millionaires in the world are Christians. He therefore stressed the need to create more wealth among the Christian community.

He gave an account of how he created a conglomerate of many businesses without initial capital. He called on businessmen and women to be ethical by following business regulations such as paying their taxes to their governments, be environmentally conscious, while being honest with their customers both internal and external.

Dr. Agyepong also called on Christian business leaders to partner one another to grow through networking and support.

According to him, he has been travelling around the world to encourage networking among Christian businesses and called on all businessmen and women around the world to come together for a stronger teamwork which, he said, would be used as launching pad for evangelism.

Mart Green, Chief Strategy Officer for the Green Family businesses listed meditation, thanksgiving, governance, brokenness, communion, fasting, prosecution and reading the Bible as some of the values a Christian business leader must pursue or challenges that they would face.

On brokenness, Mr. Green said most businessmen would be wounded along the way and as such should seek comfort and consolation in the word of God.

A South African Business man, Pastor Charles Kubene, said just as spiders make web without much effort, God has given Christians the opportunity to create wealth without much difficulty.

“Quoting Job 14:89, Pastor Kubene said all Christians can bud and become wealthy since they are already blessed by God. He urged Christians to develop the confidence and courage to set up businesses.








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