‘Parakletos’ Conference 2018 Climaxed At Oda PIWC

The Pentecost International Worship Centre at Akim Oda (PIWC – Akim Oda) on February 11, 2018, marked the annual ‘Parakletos’ Conference dubbed: “Remain in the Spirit, Keep the Fire Burning” (1 John 2:24; Leviticus 6:12).

The week-long programme embraced speakers who taught extensively about the Holy Spirit.

Climaxing the week, the Resident Minister, Pastor Kwabena Darko-Mensah, who also doubles as the Area Youth Pastor, gave a sermon on the topic: “Remain in the Spirit.”

He revealed the three spirits which existed during creation: the Spirit of God that hovers upon the earth; the created spirit (Lucifer) that got corrupted through sin and man’s corrupted spirit.

“Man died after coming in contact with other corrupted spirit and, therefore, became flesh,” he stated. He encouraged Christians to dwell and remain in the original spirit of God.

Touching on the differences between the flesh and the spirit, the resident minister said the flesh is visible and tangible whilst the spirit is invisible and intangible.

“The flesh struggles with faith and do not believe the things of the spirit and cannot please God- Hebrews 11:6,” he pointed out.

According to him, Christians living in the flesh live on the bases of carnality, because the flesh believes in temporal things whilst the spirit believes in eternal things (2 Corinthians 4:18).

He encouraged the congregation to live with heavenly mindset and seek God’s things first.

He however noted that Christians in the spirit are encouraged and strengthened all the time to do the will of God and to live godly lives.

“The flesh and the spirit feed on different food. The spirit feeds on food that disgraces the flesh which includes the spiritual desires, whilst the fleshly nature embraces the desires of the world, both are in conflict (Galatians 5:16).

“The carnal being appeals to the earthly things while the spirit man seeks after godly things – to read the word of God, to pray and to live a righteous life,” he stated.

Pastor Darko Mensah further explained that the spirit man is motivated and hears from God whilst the flesh is motivated by earthly desires.

Seven people received the Holy Spirit baptism during this year’s ‘Parakletos’ conference.

Report by: Linda Darkowaa, Akim Oda

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