Over 2,000 Ghanaians Working In The UK Health Service_NHS

Over 2,000 Ghanaians Working In The UK’s Health Service

Two thousand three hundred and forty-five (2,345) Ghanaians currently work under the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), new data released by the House of Commons has revealed.

Ghanaian health workers ranked 15 among the top 102 nationalities working in the UK’s health service as of September 2017, the report indicated.

Of the figure, 810 of them are nurses and health visitors, while 983 of them are support staff, and another 331 infrastructure staff.

The data however does not state the number of Ghanaians working as doctors, except that 3,238 doctors are of an African nationality.

Nigeria and Zimbabwe are among the top ten countries with 5,405 and 3,899 nationals respectively working under the NHS.

Other than Brits, the second-most popular nationality that is working in the NHS is Indian, with 18,348 staff coming from the vast country.

Source: Graphic.com.gh

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