Nankaba Prophetess Converts

80-year-old Veronica Ebaka has surrendered her life to Jesus Christ at Newtown in Jaway Wharf District of The Church of Pentecost.

The octogenarian prophetess of Nankaba church decided to join The Church of Pentecost on November 19, 2017, during the “Operation One Member, One Discipled Soul” project embarked on by the Church when she was confronted with the gospel.

According to her, she grew up in the Apostolic Church from her infancy and later got married. She gave birth to three children but none of them survived. She became desperate and started seeking help from other sources for the fruit of the womb. In her search for a solution to her problem, a friend wrongly advised her to join the Nankaba church for protection and a solution to her problem.

As part of her initiation into the Nankaba priesthood, a white cross was erected in the middle of her house and other rituals were also performed in addition. As part of her duties, she attended to sick people, revoked curses, and foretold people’s fate which fetched her a lot of money.

Auntie Veronica lamented how she spent her money on an incurable sickness which she believed was inflicted on her by the deities. The sickness started afflicting her after a misunderstanding arose among the company of the Nankaba priestesses. The sickness kept tormenting her until she made a solemn decision to seek the face of Christ for divine healing.

She expressed her joy when she was confronted by Pastor Solomon Yennumi Dong (the District Minister) and two of his officers, Elders James Ackon and Ambrose E. E. Mends. She quickly accepted Christ as her Lord and personal Saviour and handed over the following items to be burnt: incense, candles, Sixth and Seventh books of Moses, red and white linens, bottles buried at the four gates of the house with concocted water, a white concrete cross among others.

The district pastor and his team prayed for her and burnt the items. Miraculously, she received instant healing after the prayers. She was baptised and has since become a full member of The Church of Pentecost. She is forever grateful to God for securing her total liberty.

Report By: Solomon Amoah Enning.

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