Kwadaso seminar

Kwadaso District Youth Organizes Business Seminar

The Kwadaso District Youth Ministry in the Kwadaso Area of The Church of Pentecost on Saturday, June 23, 2018, hosted Elder Dr Kwesi Oppong in a day’s Business Seminar aimed at empowering the youth to become financially independent and future financiers of their families, Church and contribute to national development.

In his presentation, the veteran businessman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Kwesi Oppong Company Ltd. advised the youth not to take for granted any business idea that comes to mind and not consider some ideas as higher than others. Quoting from Ecclesiastes 11:6 to buttress his point, he said that “there is no smaller or bigger business idea”.

Elder Dr Oppong pointed out that the youth of the contemporary, especially those living in the urban areas, usually claim that they are only suitable for white collar jobs and thereby ignore “smaller” jobs like pottery making, shoemaking etc.

According to him, this dislike for “smaller” jobs is hindering most of the youth from starting their own business ventures.

He advised the youth to rather seek God’s purpose for their lives and not follow in the ways of the world. “Today, everyone wants to become a nurse, just because that is what they see around them. Education is good but education without God profits nothing. Don’t let your level of education be a hindrance to your success,” he said.

He further stated that “all the big companies began very small. The longest bridge in the world, which is in China is about 165km, started from a point before it became 165km long. The owner of Amazon started his business from the garage. So get something to start with and be happy with it.”

Reading from Ecclesiastes 11:6, he advised the youth not to take the “small” jobs they are currently doing for granted, but rather work diligently and transform them into bigger jobs. He advised them to be faithful and truthful in every job they have no matter how small it may be and trust God to expand it for them.

“In reality, how you treat the little is the same way you will treat the bigger,” he added.

Elder Dr Oppong concluded his presentation by enumerating “Networking, Negotiating and Collaborating” as the three important strategies that could help individuals run and maintain a successful business.

Report by: Frank Somiah-Quaw & Alexander Osei

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