Fetish priestess

Fetish Priestess And Family Surrender To Christ

A 49-year-old woman by name Elizabeth Azumah who has been a fetish priestess and idol worshiper for 36 years has given her life to Christ, together with her family.

This miracle happened at the Sefwi-Achiase District in Essam-Debiso Area of The Church of Pentecost during the 2018 Easter convention.

According to her, she was ushered into idol worship during her childhood at the age of 13.

Madam Elizabeth Azumah and her son, Moses Azumah, ran to the mission house on Thursday, March 29, 2018, to inform the district pastor that she was being tormented by some spirits. She had also been sick for the past six years.

The District Minister, Overseer Richmond Adu-Asamoah, prayed for her to liberate her from the spell of the evil spirits. She then accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and personal Saviour and was baptized in water the same day.

She led the district pastor and some of the elders to her house, where both her husband, Mr. Azumah, and son, Moses accepted Christ and were baptized in water same day. The family fellowshipped with believers throughout the convention.

Overseer Adu-Asamoah and his officers later went to the house of Madam Azumah on the Good Friday to engage them in prayer. She brought all the charms in her possession to be burnt.

The now liberated family were happy about their new found faith in Christ. They confessed that there has been a great change in their lives. “This is the first day of attending church service in my life and I am so happy,” Mr. Azumah said.

They were hopeful that other family members who are into idol worship would stop and surrender their lives to Christ.

To the glory of God, the fetish priestess, the husband and her son, all received the Holy Spirit baptism on Easter Sunday.

Report by Overseer Richmond Adu-Asamoah, Achiase District.

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