Expect More Rains In June – Meteo Agency

The Head of Research at the Ghana Meteorological Agency, Charles Kweku Yorke, has said Ghanaians should expect more rains in June.

This follows a downpour on Monday night which left some parts of Accra flooded.

Mr Yorke said subsequent rains in June would be intermittent and moderate.

“We are at the peak of the rainy season, so we expect to have more rains… We expect that the rain will come to an end by the second week of July, but for now, we expect some rainfall.”

Mr. Yorke also urged Ghanaians to adopt rainwater harvesting to tackle flooding.

According to him, rainwater harvesting is a feasible way to address the flooding problem in some parts of Accra, adding that it could also mitigate water shortages in some areas if adopted.

“In fact, the desilting of gutters should be an everyday affair because the gutters are meant for liquid waste and not solid waste. It’s a complex issue, people build on waterways, people do all manner of things, if you cast your eyes around Accra, only a few people harvest rains, and within a few days you will see people carry yellow gallons looking for water, nobody harvests it all.”

While expressing concerns about the current state of gutters in Accra, Mr Yorke also bemoaned the current state of drains in Accra. He argued that desilting of drains should be “an everyday affair.”

Mr Yorke described Monday night’s downpour as a “well-organised storm” explaining that such rainstorms are usually brief but destructive.

Accra floods again

Monday night’s downpour saw residents in various parts of Accra trapped in their homes and other places.

Drivers on some principal streets in the capital had to make a detour, while others had no option than to park their vehicles and spend the night in their cars.

Some areas severely affected by the downpour include Okponglo, Circle, Shiashie, Weija, Old Barrier, Ofankor, Dansoman, Odawna and Kaneshie.

In June 2015, over 150 people lost their lives in a flood and fire disaster in Adabraka.


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