Electrocuted But Alive

Richard Owusu Donkor, popularly known as Doctor Olando, who is the CEO of Excel Divine Health & Diagnostic Center and Galaxy Foundation at Obuasi, is a dedicated member of The Church of Pentecost in the Obuasi Area.

On Thursday, 29th March, 2018, during the Bidieso Zone Easter convention in Obuasi, there was a heavy rainfall that destructed the evening service which necessitated that all the canopies be brought down to prevent the storm from further destroying them.

Doctor Olando was among the members involved in the exercise. In the process, he got in contact with one of canopy poles which had incidentally been exposed to a life electric wire. As a result he was electrocuted and got stuck to the metal for about 5minutes and later fell down in an unconscious state.

One of the members who spotted him rushed to the scene and kicked his hand from the metal. The medical team, led by Dr. Grace Ahulu, quickly attended to him, amidst prayers by the members around. By the grace of God, Olando regained consciousness in about 30minutes time.

In a testimony on Easter Sunday, Doctor Olando said when he fell unconscious, he found himself heading towards a beautiful city full of glittering lights. However, he met a group of Christians praying who blocked him from entering the beautiful city.

According to him, when he regained consciousness, he found himself in the midst of the medical team and the members who were the same people he saw as barrier in his vision, aggressively praying for him. He went home healthy after the service without any blemish on his body.

Report by: Ebenezer Asare, Obuasi

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