Elder Isaac Kumi Goes Home At Age 61

A memorial service was organised today (March 17, 2018) at the Odorgonono Senior High School Park, Accra, in honour of the late Elder Isaac Paddison Kumi, Presiding Elder of Santa Maria Central in the Odorkor Area of The Church of Pentecost.

The solemn service drew a host of sympathizers within and outside the Odorkor Area including the Area Head, Apostle Patrick Aseyoro, the Santa Maria District Minister, Pastor Samuel Nsiah, the area pastorate, as well as officers in the Odorkor Area to the event venue.

Also in attendance were some retired ministers including Apostle Rigwell Ato Addison (Retd), Apostle Samuel Ansong (Retd.), and Apostle Moses Ladejo (Retd.) among others.

Delivering a sermon titled “A Blessed Death” at the event with Revelation 14:13 and 1Thessalonians 4:13 &16 as Bible references, the Sowutuom District Minister, Pastor Samuel Asare, stated that unlike unbelievers, there is the hope of resurrection for all those who die in the Lord.

He emphasized that it is not how long one lives on earth or how prominent and wealthy one is that matters, but what is most important in this life is for one to die in the Lord. The process of dying in the Lord is what he described as “the blessed death.”

Pastor Asare explained that those who are in the Lord are people who have accepted Christ into their lives as Lord and Saviour and follow his precepts at all times.

“Those who are in the Lord constantly work on their salvation with fear and trembling and they also serve the Lord in Spirit and in truth to the end. These are the people who would enjoy a blessed death when they die,” he said.

Pastor Samuel Asare, therefore, called on unbelievers to reach out to Jesus Christ since He is the only accredited Savior for humankind through whom they can be saved. He also challenged Christians to hold fast to the basic message of Christ and to wait in anticipation for the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Elder Kumi, as he was affectionately known, served as a Presiding Elder at the Nazareth Assembly in the Sowutuom District for 4 years, Mount Sinai Assembly in the PUC District for 3 years, and subsequently at the Central Assembly of the Santa Maria District for 5 years till his sudden passing.

He is fondly remembered for his great contribution towards the acquisition of the land and the construction of a permanent place of worship for the Nazareth Assembly.

As part of the service, the bereaved wife and children took turns to pay emotional tributes to their beloved. They acknowledged him for his selflessness, generosity, and his unparalleled love for God and the Kingdom work.

“The late Elder Kumi was a cheerful giver and one who cared for and supported a lot of the people who came his way. Santa Maria Central saw a lot of improvement both spiritually and physically under his leadership as Presiding Elder of the Church,” the tribute by the Santa Maria Central church read.

Members of Kwashie-Bu/South Sowutuom Landlords Association were also present to pay their last respects to their departed Chairman.

The late Elder Isaac Paddison Kumi, aged 61, is survived by a wife and five children. He lost his sixth child in a tragic motor accident last year.

May he rest peacefully in the bosom of the Lord.


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