Dunkwa Synod 2

Dunkwa Area Ministers Attend 34th Annual Synod of The Methodist Church

Ministers in Dunkwa Area of The Church of Pentecost were guests at the 34th Annual Synod of the Tarkwa Diocese of the Methodist Church which took place at the Dunkwa Methodist Church building on April 27, 2017.

Their invitation to the Synod was to foster relationship between The Church of Pentecost and the Methodist Church.
Rt. Rev. Thomas Amponsah-Donkor, the Diocesan Bishop who gave the opening address advised the clergy and the laity in the Methodist Church to pursue evangelism.

Touching on the theme: “Go and Make Disciples of All Nations: Sustaining Our Gains Through Effective Steward and the Paradigm of Twining,” he charged the ministers not to relent on discipleship making.

“A church which is not reaching out to the lost has lost its purpose. Mission is the standard by which a church should be evaluated. Mission is the lifeblood of the church; mission is evangelism plus discipleship,” he said.

According to the bishop, every church exists to bring glory to God by going on two infinite journeys- an internal journey of sanctification which seeks for the growth of members in holiness and external journey of missions.

Rt. Rev. Amponsah-Donkor also admonished the clergy to be good stewards of God, saying, “Stewardship aligns responsibility with accountability to God whom everything belongs.”

He encouraged the church to adopt the paradigm of twining, where Circuits, Societies or Church organisation assist struggling societies by adopting them, explaining that the concept has a biblical antecedent.

In a fraternal greeting, the Dunkwa Area Head of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle John Osei Amaniampong, expressed his gratitude to the leadership of the Methodist Church for inviting The Church of Pentecost to the synod.

“The theme for the synod is very prioritizing, carefully considered, based on Christian integrity and very timing in our generation today as the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ draws near,” he said.

Apostle Amaniampong added that the foundation of every ministry is based on character. According to him, Christians exhibiting godly character bring about effective stewardship.

“Going to make disciples of all nations is in fulfilment of Christ’s Great Commission for His church. Making disciples of all nations involves going, discipleship, baptising the converts and teaching them to obey everything Christ has commanded,” he stressed.

He stated that The Church of Pentecost recognises the pioneering role of the Methodist Church in propagating the gospel and providing social services to society which has helped to shape the lives of many individuals and nations at large.

Apostle John Osei Amaniampong on behalf of the Duakwa Area of the Church donated an amount of GH¢1,000 to the synod.

Report by: Pastor Justice Adane

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