Don’t Conform To Worldly Patterns – Pastor Gomela To Christians

The Kumdi District Minister of The Church of Pentecost, Pastor Savior Gomela, has called on Christians to live in a way that clearly sets them apart from the people of the world.

Pastor Savior Gomela said this on Sunday, February 18, 2018, when he preached a sermon titled: “The Christian and The World” at a joint service to round up this year’s Kete-Krachi Area Officers’ Retreat (Apostolization) at the Kpandai Central Assembly.

In his sermon, the Kumdi District Pastor observed that most contemporary Christians exhibit lifestyles that are not worthy of emulation and therefore do not give hope to the world.

“These days, it is difficult to differentiate between a Christian and a non-Christian. The lifestyles of some people who profess to be Christians is rather driving people away from coming to the light, which is Christ Jesus our Lord,” he lamented.

Pastor Gomela said that one way by which Christians could distinguish themselves from the world is through their speech.

“Today, the utterances of some Christians are full of curses and abusive languages. To the extent that they even rain down curses on their own children,” he stated.

Pastor Gomela also cautioned Christians to be mindful of the way they think and walk, saying that: “The thoughts of most Christians are full of dark things and they also visit the same obscene places that worldly people go.”

He further stated that the kind of entertainment centres some contemporary Christians visit, the kind of music they sing and carry on their phones, and the kind of videos they watch are full of secular content hence the urgent need for them to separate themselves from these worldly lifestyles.

Pastor Gomela said that there is the need for every Christian to constantly examine him/herself whenever at all times.

“Whenever you are undertaking any endeavour you must first ask yourself ‘Will this bring glory to God?’ ‘Is what I’m about to do in contradiction with Scripture?’ or ‘Will it have a positive or negative impact on others?’” he advised.

Pastor Savior Gomela concluded his sermon by reassuring believers that the Holy Spirit resides in Christians and He prompts them whenever sin is coming their way.

Report By: Overseers Isaac Klutse and Ernest Perbi-Asare, Kete-Krachi.

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