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Christians Are Products Of The Cross – Pastor Adu Obuobi Reveals

“Jesus’ death on the cross brought us unconditional freedom and has made us royals of the Majesty King.”

This was said by Pastor Henry Adu Obuobi of Akosombo New Combine District when speaking on Friday, March 30, 2018 at the Agormanya Area Easter Convention being held at the Combine Sakasaka Part.

According to Pastor Obuobi, Jesus Christ died for all humanity and that Christians are products His cross, saying, “The cross has won a great victory for us and I call it the great victory of freedom.”

Speaking on the topic, “Freedom Through the Cross,” with scripture references from Ephesians 2:13-16 and Acts 2:36, Pastor Obuobi stated: “Our freedom is from the cross and the death on the cross is a great victory for the whole world irrespective of the your country or tribe.”

Sharing some nuggets about the significance of the cross, he said that Jesus’ death has saved humanity from Satan and his orchestrations, hence making man free from the curses and sicknesses, and has transported humanity from everlasting death to everlasting life. “No man qualified for this death, even angels did not, only Jesus Christ qualified for this vicarious death that we may gain all these in our account,” he explained.

According to him, the vertical part of the cross signifies the relationship between God and man whilst the horizontal signifies the relationship between man and man, henceforth God could visit man and man could also visit God with the middle as a meeting place.

“Now, Jesus has bridged the gap Adam and Eve created; we can go to the Father and He can also come to us,” he asserted.

He also said that the death of Jesus has made it possible for humanity to be translated into the kingdom of God, saying, “The cordial relationship Satan broke in the Garden of Eden has now been restored by Jesus; we are now sons of God.”

Concluding his sermon, Pastor Obuobi urged Christians not to belittle their status but walk as royals of the Majesty King of Heaven.

Present at the Good Friday service were: Pastor Wilson Yaw Ntiamoah (Akosombo District) Elder William Asare-Gyapong (Agormanya Area Deacon), Mr. Felix Opoku of the Bible Society of Ghana and Dr Ansong Thompson of Save A Life Foundation, among others.

Report by: Ghunney Isaac Kow, Agormanya Area Reporter

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