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Bolga Area Awards Highly Performed Districts And Officers

The Bolgatanga Area of The Church of Pentecost has highly commended outstanding Districts and awarded hardworking officers/members who significantly contributed to the Area’s overall performance in 2017.

This came off during the 2017 End-of-Year Area Presbytery Meeting held on February 2, 2018, at the Bolga Estates Central Building.

The Area Head, Apostle Wilberforce Nkrumah Agyeman, eulogized ministers and wives present as well as presbyters for sacrificially giving themselves up for the course of the gospel’s advancement in the Upper East Region. He, however, advised them not to be complacent but strive for higher heights as there is more room for the Kingdom’s expansion.

Delivering the  “State Of The Church’s Address” at the meeting, Apostle Nkrumah Agyeman indicated that the Area’s evangelistic efforts yield a total of 10,287 souls out of which 4,848 were baptized by immersion representing a 12.6% growth in membership. He also said that 2,813 of the new converts along with 2,896 received Holy Spirit baptism.

In addition to this, 2,257 children were dedicated to the Lord during the period representing a 30.8% increase over the previous year’s (2016) figure.

The Area Head also revealed that the number of districts in the Area stands at 31. According to him, 41 new assemblies were opened during the period under review bringing the total number of assemblies in the Area to 575.

Other achievements he noted were the construction and dedication of 8 Mission Houses and 2 church buildings as well as the laying of the foundation stone for 8 other church buildings to the glory of God.

The Area’s Gross Tithes also grew by 35.55% with Mission Offering recording 35.46% increment over the previous year’s figure.

Apostle Nkrumah Agyeman attributed these outstanding performances to the grace of God and cheerfully praised Districts and individuals who contributed significantly to the feat.

Soe District won the highest adult souls of 757. They were followed by Bukere District who won 669 souls during the period under review. The Tanga, Fumbisi and Basyonde Districts were also highly commended for recording the highest percentage of new converts baptized.

77-year-old, Baba Lucky of Bolga Zurubisi, was received special recognition for personally winning 293 souls for Christ, 130 of which were baptized by immersion at Bolga and Estate Districts.  For his efforts, the Area has pledged to present the septuagenarian with a tricycle at the 2018 Easter Convention.

In terms of Holy Ghost baptism, Garu District recording the highest number of 290.  The Zebilla, Sumbrungu, and Kanjarga Districts led 201, 182 and 173 members respectively, to receive Holy Ghost baptism.

4 Districts namely Estate, Bawku, Garu and Paga were also commended for opening 3 new assemblies each in 2017.

Another feat worth mentioning was the achievements of some women in their fields of endeavour. This was highly lauded by Apostle Nkrumah Agyeman. The women included Madam Lariba Awen of Fumbisi Central Assembly, who was adjudged 2nd Best Farmer in Maize and Groundnut Production in the Builsa South District during the National Farmers’ Day Celebration held on December 1, 2017.

On December 5, 2017, Deaconess Margaret Awenyok of Chuchuliga Central Assembly, won a USAID FinGAP Award for exhibiting entrepreneurship in Ghanaian agribusiness. She was also declared the 3rd Best Farmer in the Builsa North District during the National Farmers Day Celebration.

The 1 Member, 30 Souls” project, which was initiated by the Area Head, yielded good results as some officers led over 30 souls each to the Lord through personal evangelism. They are Elders Lazarus Abukukia of Chiana (32 souls), Charles Addo of Binaba (32 souls), George Abugah of Navrongo Nia (32 souls), Robert Akugre of Soe (33 souls) and Kofi Jerone of Garu (40 souls). They ensured that all the souls won were baptized in water by their District Ministers. They were each presented a bike for their efforts.

The Bolgatanga, Sandema, and Chuchuliga Districts also received an additional Community-Based Church Building (CBCB) grant as an award for their overall performance in the Area’s assessment league table by placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd in that order.

Furthermore, Sumbrungu gained the highest percentage of tithes paid above the set-budget while Navrongo District topped the quantum of tithes paid.

Estate District also came first in the quantum of Missions Offering paid whilst PIWC-Bolgatanga took the first position in the average payment of both Tithes and Missions Offering per person for the year. Each District was awarded a brand new bike for their feat.

Bongo District was also acknowledged for the establishment of a bakery to economically empower some members of the Church.

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