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Berekum Area Starts 2018 Easter Convention

The Berekum Area of The Church of Pentecost on Wednesday, March 28, began the 2018 Easter convention at the Golden City Park (Berekum Sports Stadium).

The convention, which is under the chairmanship of the Area Head, Apostle Anthony Kingsley Miah, is on the theme: “Jesus Christ; He Came to Seek and to Save the Lost” (Luke 19:10).

The convention is taking place in seven main zones in the Area, namely Berekum, Dormaa Ahenkro, Nkrankwanta, Wamfie, Drobo, Suma Ahenkro and Goka.

Apostle Miah opened the convention on Wednesday at the Berekum zone which comprises eight districts (Berekum, Ahenbronoso, Brenyekwa, Kato, Biadan, PIWC, Jamdede and Jinijini).

Speaking on the theme of the convention, Apostle Miah drew listeners’ attention to Zacchaeus, the Tax Collector, who extorted money from people to enrich himself. Nevertheless, when he met Jesus, he realized that all that he did was sinful and repented of it and promised to return the money to the people in four-fold.

“In like manner, anyone who practices sin such as ‘Sakawa’, homosexuality, armed robbery, prostitution and the like should run to Jesus for He is ready to save him/her,” he said, adding, “No matter the grievousness of one’s sin, Jesus Christ is able to deliver one from such a state.”

Apostle Miah further stated that Jesus is the Author of Salvation, and so anyone who does not believe and accept Him as his/her Lord and Saviour cannot be saved.

“Wherever Jesus went, He did good. When He entered Jericho, He turned that cursed city around for the good of the people. When this same Jesus whom they preach comes into someone’s life or situation, He turns curses into blessings, changes unpleasant situations for one’s good and nullifies all negativities.

“At the presence of Jesus, bad names, sicknesses, poverty and failure will all disappear,” he stressed.

Interestingly, Apostle Miah revealed that he played football at that same stadium some 44 years ago, where he scored a goal for his Kumasi-based football team, saying, “But today I’m ‘scoring souls’ for Jesus.”

The opening day of the convention attracted about 1,500 members. Nine persons gave their lives to Jesus Christ.

Report By Overseer Solomon Azagisiya, Jinijini District

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