Aps George Alfonso Wood


Apostle Alfonso Wood was born on December 21, 1905, to Mr George Frank Wood and Mrs Kate Dawson Wood.

George was moved to convert the Apostolic Faith through the statement, “you are lost without Christ Jesus, you need to be brought home,” made in reference to him by Mercy Hughes.

George Alfonso Wood was called into the ministry in 1948. He initially served as an unpaid minister for 2 years. In 1950, when Rev. Hammond left for the United Kingdom, he was asked to pastor the Church at Cape Coast. He, therefore, resigned from the Cape Coast Municipal Council, where he was earning a monthly salary of 30pounds, to be a full-time minister on a monthly salary of 8 pounds.He was however undaunted by issues and never looked back.

In 1953, George was ordained an Apostle. His ministry took him to six political regions of Ghana – Central, Eastern, Ashanti, Brong Ahafo, Western and Greater Accra.

George served as a second General Leader of the Women’s Movement (1955-1957); Executive Council Member (1955-1971); Chairman, Finance Committee (1957-1961); Manager, The Church of Pentecost – Head Office (1961-1965); Chairman, Share-Out Committee, Tsibu Darko Commission (1963-1970) and Chairman, Educational Advisory Committee (1968-1971).

A testimony of Pastor James McKeown, the founder of the Church, dated May 7, 1965, in respect of Apostle George Alfonso Wood, read as follows:
“In 1960, when we returned to Ghana, we returned to a mess; the enemy had sought to spoil the work. I had a mess on my hands in Accra. I looked around for a man to clear that mess, so I chose Pastor G. A Wood and called him to Accra. What a lovely job he has made of the office. All monies entering and going out from the office are well handled, accounts are clear to all. When the Finance Board meets they have no headache about this or that, all is clear. What I have said above, I am saying it with flowers now: I am pouring a box of precious oil on G. A. Wood’s head: Ecclesiastes 7:1, ‘A good name is better than precious ointment’. I am giving him a good name.”

George was married to Rose Adjetey Odonkor; they were blessed with 8 sons among whom is Apostle Ekow Badu Wood (Asokwa Area Head).

He retired from active ministerial service in 1971. In all, his ministry spanned a period of 23 years. He was called to glory in 1995 when he was 90 years of age.

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