Apostle Ahiakor and wife

Apostle Ahiakor And Family Saved From Robbery Attack, Fire Outbreak

God has miraculously saved the Ho Area Head of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Moses Kwame Ahiakor and his family from a robbery attack and fire outbreak.

The theft case took place on Monday, 9th April, 2018, at about 1:00am when it was heavily raining. Earlier, at about 12:00am, Mrs. Elizabeth Ahiakor came to the sitting room to check whether the widows and the doors were properly locked.

Apostle Ahiakor who was then not asleep later decided to go to the sitting room to once again check whether everything was safe, but there was a strong feeling not to get out from the bedroom. Little did they know that at the time of the heavy rain, thieves had broken into the sitting room and a visitor’s room and made away with two LCD television sets. This was detected in the morning when they woke up from bed. It was then realized that God prevented Apostle Ahiakor from going to the sitting room at the time of the operation, else the thieves could have attacked him.

That did not end there. Exactly a week after the theft case, fire also nearly gutted the whole mission house. The incident happened on Monday, 16th April, 2018, at about 10:30pm after they had returned from an evening church service.

Mrs. Ahiakor was at the kitchen while Apostle Ahiakor was at the bedroom studying. Suddenly, they heard the security man shouting at the top of his voice “Fire, fire, fire,” so Mrs. Ahiakor rushed towards where the noise was coming from. Upon getting to the entrance of the sitting room, there was a thick smoke amidst fire all over the sitting room. Apostle Ahiakor, upon hearing the shout rushed to the scene and lo and behold, fire was consuming the house.

Apostle Ahiakor called for water, ordered the security man to off the main switch and entered the smoke and by the grace of God, they were able to put out the fire without causing any serious damage to life and property. However, a few items such as a sofa, curtain, portions of the ceiling and an air-conditioner got damaged in the process.

Glory be unto God for miraculously saving the Ahiakors from a near disaster.

Report by Overseer Daniel Teye Narh, Dzemeni District (Ho Area Reporter).



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