6 Amazing Health Benefits Of ‘Aluguintuguin’ You Didn’t Know

For the sophisticated agronomists, it is known botanically as Annona muricata. It has many names in many different languages but it is commonly known as soursop.

In Ghana, as with many other foods, there is a very interesting name for this fruit. “Aluguintuguin’’ is so popular in Ghana not only for its taste and nutritional benefits but also because of the uniqueness of the name itself.

The fruit is very tasty and an encounter with it leaves you with long lasting “tastimories’’. A couple of years back, Ghanaian hiplife music group ‘’Keche’’ released a song titled ‘’Aluguintuguin’’.

Perhaps, it was a mere allusion to the fact that indeed life is tasty like “Aluguintuguin’’. Maintaining a healthy and fit body are among the many reasons why we eat fruits aside fighting hunger.

However, there seems to be a general lack of adequate knowledge on some important fruits, how to consume them, the nutritional benefits of such foods and the possible health implications of neglecting to consume such foods.

A great number of fruits found in Ghana are noted for having such benefits and “Aluguintuguin’’ is one of such. Jumia Food, Africa’s leading online food delivery service looks at some of the amazing benefits of this tasty fruit you may not have known.

  1. Anti-Cancer properties – There is a neurotoxin in soursop called annonacin which can be classified as an acetogenin. Did you know that Aluguintuguin can help inhibit the growth of cancer cells when compared with chemotherapy and Adriamycin. This is due to the presence of annonacin. If you haven’t been consuming soursop regularly, this is your time to do so. Cancer kills, save yourself.
  2. Energy Booster – Fructose is a simple sugar that serves as a building block of complex carbohydrates. Sugar is a great energy booster with clear examples such as glucose. Soursop contains high amounts of fructose which serves as an excellent source of energy.
  3. Boosts immune system – Naturally, aside eating to satisfy our hunger, we eat in order to gain the necessary neurotoxins that help fight against diseases. The fruit ‘Aluguintuguin’ contains high amounts of gentisic acid, annocatacin, anonol, annocatalin, linoleic acid, annohexocin, gigantetronin, caclourine, annomuricin and anomurine. All of these are very important in boosting our immune systems while preventing disease causing organisms from operating.
  4. Aids digestion – Aside its delicious taste, soursop is rich in dietary fibre which aids in the easy digestion of food. Indigestion and heartburns are very uncomfortable hence it is important to consume more fruits especially those with high levels of dietary fibre.
  5. Aids in faster wound healing – Herbal medicine is gaining popularity in Ghana and Africa especially for treating wounds. The soursop is a very important fruit because nearly all its parts are utilized. The stem and bark of the soursop plant can be used for preparing herbal medicines for treating wounds and cuts. Wounds treated with this kind of herbal medicine die fast and leaves minimal scars.
  6. Helps to maintain a healthy heart – Vitamins B1 and B2 are very essential for facilitating blood circulation. In order for the heart to function properly, these vitamins are needed in right quantities. Soursop is rich in vitamins B1 and B2 therefore it is recommended for the elderly and those with heart conditions.

There are many fruits that are beneficial in many ways yet we only concentrate on their taste. It’s about time we treated these fruits with the importance they come with. Next time you see ‘Aluguintuguin,’ put some respect on it.

Source: Jumia Travel  

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