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50 Receive Instant Healing At Mamponteng Zone Easter Convention

The Day-3 of the Mamponteng zone 2018 Easter Convention in the New Tafo Area of The Church of Pentecost witnessed a total of 50 members receiving instant healing from various sicknesses, disorders and afflictions.

The Area Head, Apostle Samuel Osei Asante and his wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Asante, were present at the Asenua School Park on Saturday, where the convention was held.

The 50 were healed during an intensive prayer session led by Pastor E. G. Mantey of Meduma District with support from the Area Head and other ministers and officers present.

One person also surrendered his life to Jesus Christ.

Earlier in a sermon on the topic, “The Necessity of the Cross,” Apostle Samuel Osei Asante advised the congregation to seek the knowledge of God in things pertaining to Easter, because that is the only way to locate one’s identity in Christ. “If we take part in Easter or Christmas and do not have the understanding of who Jesus is, it does no good to us,” he said.

Meduma, Aboaso, Ankaase, Bampenase and Mamponteng districts make up the Mamponteng Zone.

Report by: Owusu Dennis

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