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50 Miraculously Escape Boat Disaster

Over 50 passengers, including some members of The Church of Pentecost from Gbordzikope in the Dzemeni District of the Ho Area, were miraculously saved from a boat disaster which occurred on the Volta Lake recently.

The incident occurred on Friday, 23rd March, 2018 when they were crossing the lake to Dzemeni for a funeral at Labolabo, near Anum in the Asuogyaman District.

The boat which set off from Gbordzikope at 6:00 am hit a stamp in the lake in the middle of the journey. As a result, it cracked and began sinking with the passengers. There was no other boat on the lake at the time to come to their rescue.

Since most of the passengers had no life jacket and did not know how to swim, they all struggled to hold the Presiding Elder of the Gbordzikope Assembly, Elder Stephen Agbaklah, for a support. Strangely, as they held the elder, they floated on the water.

According to Elder Agbaklah, no prayer came into his mind because he was terrified. But he simply said, “Oh Lord! Let your will be done.” All of a sudden, he said, about eight boats miraculously appeared on the scene to rescue all the passengers, including children to safety without recording any casualty.

When the rescuers brought the victims offshore, the elder asked them [the rescuers] where they came from, because he had not seen them in the area before. They replied, “God sent us to come and rescue you.”

Report by: Overseer Daniel Teye Narh, Dzemeni District (Ho Area Reporter)

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