EDITORIAL: Is Christ Your Lord Indeed?

In some Christian circles today, there is the teaching that we can enjoy the benefits of salvation through Christ without having to accept the “inconvenient” challenge of His lordship over our lives. Such an unbalanced notion is not found in the Bible. Many Christians today are, therefore, very comfortable with Jesus in a manger and […]


EDITORIAL: The Church Must Arise To Her Goal!

The purpose or goal for constructing a building or structure determines the processes by which it is built. When designing a building, architects always keep the use (purpose) of the structure in mind while fixing their eyes firmly upon the finished product as outlined in the original plan of the building until it is completed. […]


All Is Set For A PCC Revival

After several days of great anticipation, the 7th edition of the Ministers and Wives’ Conference (MWC’20) is finally here again. This year’s event is being held at the state-of-the-art Pentecost Convention Centre (PCC) in Gomoa Fetteh, near Kasoa. The week long-event would primarily focus on providing the 3,500 participants more insight into the church’s 5-year […]


Chairman’s Historic Visit To James McKeown’s First Residence In Ghana

Asamankese is the capital of the Lower West Akim Municipality of the Eastern Region, with an estimated population of 39,435, according to the 2013 settlement population. The town is about 62 kilometres away from Accra, the national capital. Buah (1980), A History of Ghana, posits that Asamankese was founded as a result of succession dispute […]


Buildings Or Factories For Prisoners? The Delicate Balance Ghana Needs   

One of the very interesting debates I have heard recently is whether the Church should build prions or factories. While some people are for churches building prisons, others are against it, arguing that the government should be solely responsible for building prisons and that churches must rather focus on building factories, so that they can […]


Curbing Overpopulation In Accra

It has always been the approach of every Ghanaian government to concentrate development in Accra to the detriment of other cities in the country. This is the main reason for the increased migration of most Ghanaians from all other regions to Accra. Has anyone noticed that there are a lot of young people roaming the […]


Possessing The Postmodern World With The Gospel Truth

Towards the end of the twentieth century through to the beginning of the twenty-first century, the world’s cultural systems, religions, traditions, and science have been characterized by a dramatic change caused by postmodern epistemology. The focus of this article is therefore to discuss the effects of this postmodern conception on the propagation of the gospel […]


Maximizing Opportunities

When you have a big pond, you would automatically desire a big fish. Similarly, when you have a big opportunity, there is no doubt that you would also need a big idea to fashion it out to sustain it. People, throughout history, have expanded their horizon through courageous and creative endeavours, and stepped on the […]