More Extraordinary Miracles Recorded In The Church Of Pentecost

The Lord continues to manifest His glory and power in The Church of Pentecost as the Church continues to record more spectacular events from time to time.

The dead were raised, the blind received their sight, the lame walked, the deaf heard, the barren conceived, the epileptic were healed, demonic powers were neutralised and many more.

This is clearly a testament of God’s continuous presence in the Church, having stuck to His side of the covenant with the Church.

Reading his State of the Church Address at the opening session of the 44th General Council Meetings which is being held via Zoom from 2nd to 5th June, 2020, under the theme, “A Glorious Church To Possess The Nations” – Ephesians 3:21; 5:27, the Chairman of the Church, Apostle Eric Nyamekye, stated: “We thank God for the manifestation of His continuous presence in His Church through diverse signs and wonders.

“In 2019, the Church recorded many miracles by the power of the Holy Spirit. All the Areas and some ministries reported spectacular events, which led one to acknowledge that the God of our fathers is still at work in the midst of His people.”

Apostle Nyamekye revealed a few of the miraculous as follows:

• In Equatorial Guinea, five-year-old Jimmama Antwiwaah Somuah died in a hospital on January 30, 2019. Her father, Michael Somuah, rushed to the hospital only to find the daughter dead. Within a few minutes of prayer by the father, the daughter came back to life and the scene caught everyone spellbound. The activities at the hospital came to a standstill following the news of the dead girl coming back to life.

• Dorcas Ansong, a 6-month-old baby, was pronounced dead on arrival at the Korle-Bu hospital. Her grandmother, a member of the Church at Mamprobi in Dansoman Area refused to accept the doctor’s statement and resorted to fervent prayers. God answered her prayer and the baby was restored to the family alive.

• In Kpong District in the Agormanya Area, Mr. Samuel and Mrs. Grace Tetteh Osakonor of Quarters Assembly, were blessed with a child after 20 years of marriage.

• Ignicia Bediako of London Hill Assembly, Israel District in Kaneshie Area, who at age 13 had made it a habit of paying her tithes regularly, was visited by God in a special way. She gained admission to Senior High School (SHS), but her parents had difficulty raising funds to purchase the necessary items to attend school. On the morning of the last day she had to leave home for school, she engaged God in prayers by putting a chair in front of her and speaking to God directly as if she could see Him. Her mother, while waiting for a car at dawn, met an unknown man who claimed that he was looking for a room to rent. The woman having a room available quickly offered it to the man. The man paid for two years advance that same day and promised to take possession of the room. When questioned about the exact time he would move in, the man replied, “I have my own house with everything I need. I just came in to help the child to go to school.” This event lends credence to the fact that when we pay our tithes faithfully, God will never forsake us in times of need.

• At Kwamikrom District, 17 members, including children, were crossing the Volta Lake from Kwamikrom when a bigger boat hit their boat. Their boat capsized in the process. However, 15 of them were rescued, leaving two in the river. After 30 minutes of search, 2 children, Isabella (7 years) and Matilda (4 years) were miraculously found under the water alive. After they were revived, they started singing the song, “Under the canopy of God’ and then testified that as they were under the water, a man in white apparrel appeared and covered them up.

• In Wa Area, Mr. Asibi Yussif, a Muslim, was sitting in his beer bar at Kaleo, close to the 2019 Easter convention grounds. In the course of prayers, the pastor asked the congregation to place their hands on any part of their bodies they were suffering from and out of faith, this Muslim put his hand on his leg, which had been paining him for years, and instantly, he received his healing. He rushed to the convention grounds to testified to the glory of God.

• At Sowutuom Nazareth Assembly in Odorkor Area, Sister Veronica Mensah, a member of the Church, on 5th February, 2019 was attending a prayer meeting at the early hours of the day. On her way to the church, she ran into the hands of armed robbers. After robbing her of her money and mobile phone, she had to plead with them to spare her life when they attempted to shoot her. One of the members of the gang asked her of the Church she attended and she mentioned The Church of Pentecost. On hearing the name of the Church, the robbers returned her money and the mobile phone they had seized and set her free to go her way.

• In Congo DR, Sister Fatou Pyame, a police officer, was diagnosed with breast cancer on 26th February, 2019 in Kinshasa. She went through so many treatments but realised that the more treatment she received, the worse her condition became. She went for prayers being organised by the Church on 1st May, 2019. After hands were laid on her, the pains in her breast disappeared and she was completely healed. This was confirmed by her medical doctor after conducting several tests on her and could not find a single trace of cancer. To the glory of God, 20 persons followed Sister Fatou to Church and all are now members of the Church.

• In Nigeria, Brother Augustine Afful of PIWC, Lagos East, fell into the hands of ritual killers. He was abducted along Lekki-Epe Express Way, chloroformed and taken to a hide-out at the top of a 2-storey building at a suburb in Ikorodu, with his feet and hands bound. He woke up around 2:00 am and found himself among two other victims. According to him, as soon as he woke up, he heard an audible voice from the Lord, “Young man, don’t be afraid, I will deliver you.” Just then a young lady emerged from one of the rooms, carrying several mobile phones and asked him to pick his. She untied him and led him away to his freedom.

• Also, in Austria, Esther Omwenyeke, a member in Linz District of the Church, was diagnosed of cancer, kidney failure and other ailments but by the grace of God and through the intercession of the saints, she was declared cancer-free, having a healthy functioning kidney and was totally free from all the ailments.

To God be the glory for continuously manifesting His manifold glory in the Church, leading to breakthroughs in the lives of His children. Indeed, the fire of Pentecost continues to burn and it will never die.


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