Ho Area Launches Professionals Guild

The Ho Area of The Church of Pentecost has launched its Professionals Guild in line with the church’s vision to influence every professional field with Kingdom principles and values.

The Guild comprises professionals from various fields of endeavour such as education, health, media, judicial, banking and finance, fashion designers, beauticians, businessmen and women, estate and construction, among others.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Ho Area Head, Apostle Moses Ahiakor indicated that Christians must imitate Christ not just in church but also at their workplaces to inspire others to emulate the character of Christ they portray.

“We must be agents of peace and unifiers in our offices. We must avoid engaging in ungodly and corrupt lifestyles, but uphold our integrity in all circumstances,” he said.

He added that most people working in various offices across the country, profess to be Christians, however, corruption remains rampant. He, therefore, admonished the professionals to truly live godly lives in order to be a beacon of hope to inspire others to pursue righteousness.

He further expounded that pursuing righteousness has several challenges, however, God rewards those who live godly lives and endure persecutions for the sake of the Kingdom.

He reiterated that the professionals must develop Christlike attitudes, saying: “Nurses must know how to speak to their patients, teachers must also assist the students in choosing good future careers, journalists must report fairly free of fear or favour, judicial and banking sector workers must also be law-abiding and diligent in discharging their duties,” he explained.

“If we all do this, God will be pleased with us and He will use us to transform and possess our various professional fields and the world at large for Christ,” he added.

He, however, cautioned that anyone engaging in corrupt acts belongs to the devil who was a liar from the beginning. “We must not be liars but stand for the truth no matter what it takes,” he said (John 8:44).

Apostle Moses Ahiakor urged the professionals to play their role in ensuring that the church realizes the vision of “Possessing the Nations” for God.

Report by Solomon Makafui Ahiable


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