Dzemeni District Launches Vision 2023

The Dzemeni District of The Church of Pentecost in the Ho Area has launched the Vision 2023 of the Church in the district.

The event which took place on 4th February, 2019 at the McKeown Assembly in the district was to sensitize the members on the new vision for them to commit themselves to its implementation.

Speaking at the programme on the topic, “The Purpose of the Church” at the climax of a 4-day seminar for officers and members on the Vision 2023 document, the District Minister, Pastor Daniel Teye Narh, said God has called out Christians for a purpose, and they must try to live to achieve the plan of God on earth.

Highlighting on the dual purpose of the Church, Pastor Narh said God has called Christians out of the world to belong to Him as priests (1 Peter 2:9-10; Ephesians 2:11-14).

“We are called to worship God in all that we do which is not only praising God with our lips, but also serving Him with our lives. We are called to do what is good,” he said.

He challenged Christians to always do the right thing so that their influence will change the nations. “I don’t understand why it is very difficult for someone who claims to have accepted the Lord Jesus and worships Him, fails to do good but evil. Such a person is a liar; he is a lip-worshipper of Christ and does not worship Him from his heart,” he lamented.

The second purpose of God calling Christians, according to him, is to prepare them adequately in order to send them back into the world to witness about His loving kindness and salvation to humanity (Matthew 28:19-20), he added.

The participants were taken through the Vision 2023 document. They discussed the actions to be taken by the Local Assembly, the Local Presbytery, Presiding Elders and the implementation framework of the Vision.

Report by Pastor Daniel Teye Narh, Dzemeni District (Ho Area Reporter)

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