CONGRATULATIONS on your new life in Jesus Christ!

You have taken an amazing and life-changing step today. In fact, you have been reborn into a brand-new life – and into a new family! As you begin to grow in your faith, we want to equip you with some foundational resources.

First, we want to connect you with our Daily Devotional. It is available on The Church of Pentecost mobile app on Apple Store and Google Playstore. Through this wonderful daily resource, you will find the hope, peace and comfort you need through God’s word.

Second, below is a Bible Series by the Chairman of The Church of Pentecost on how to live a victorious Christian life. These messages would help you to understand what it means to be Born-Again and to walk in the newness of Life.

We encourage you to commit just 30 minutes of your time a day to watching or listening to these resources. Remember, the time you spend building a strong foundation for your faith will yield eternal dividends.

We also have ministers on standby waiting to chat with you should you need any form of assistance in pursuing you newly-found life in Jesus Christ. Just send any of them a “Hello” in the chat space , we are ever willing to chat.

Please submit your details below to receive daily devotional and other Christian resources from The Church of Pentecost.


May GOD be with you on your journey of endless discovery!