In ancient times, salt was the ultimate seasoning that gave taste to food. Everyone was aware of the importance of salt. It was used for medicinal purposes, preserving foods and for seasoning. It was seen as a valuable commodity due to its many uses. Matthew 5:13 says you are the salt of the world. Your presence should affect people’s lives.

God has now chosen you to be the salt of the earth. Your speech must be seasoned with salt always. Salt is used to preserve meats; it represents the quality of lasting endurance. As the salt of the earth, you have to preserve the world from decay through your godly character.

Salt enhances the flavour of food to give a good experience of food (Job 6:6). As the salt of the earth, Jesus wants your life to enhance the experiences of others. In Mark 9:50 and Luke 14: 34-35, once you lose your saltiness as a young person, you cannot be made salty again. On the contrary, you will speed up the moral and spiritual decay of the world. Remember you are the salt of the earth.