A steward is a person who manages another’s property or financial affairs. He or She is someone who directs and controls anything as the agent of another or others. He is a person who has charge over the household of another. Everything we have belongs to God and was given to us by God including our money. We are only stewards of what we have.

Jesus said a parable in Luke 19:11-27 about a man of nobility who travelled to a far place to be appointed as a king or to receive a kingdom for himself and return. Before he left, He called his ten servants and entrusted them with ten minas (a mina was about three months’ wages). He instructed them saying, “put this money to work until I come back”. In Matthew’s account, the man gave the talents (money) to His servants according to their strengths or abilities. The servants who were faithful worked or did business with the money and earned extra money. Because they faithfully accounted for the money given them, they received commendations from their master. Good stewards always have in their minds that what they have does not belong to them and therefore manages what has been entrusted to them faithfully.

Oftentimes, people think that they got their wealth or money through hard work, planning, wisdom and strength. They don’t accept the fact that it was God who gave them the money. You must understand that the money you have belongs to God. It was God who gave you the strength and wisdom to get that money. You must manage the money well. A day will come when you will stand before the Master to account for the money He entrusted into your hands. As a good steward, use your money judiciously and wisely. Give to support the poor, the needy and the work of God.