From the main text, we see one phrase recurring in verses 4 and 7, according to the NIV, and that is “You Also”. Beloved in the Lord, you also can discover and serve the purpose of God for your life. “You also” simply means there is space for you in the vineyard (God’s agenda) to be used by God as He seeks the church to possess the nations. “You also” means that it is not doing only a particular career that makes you serve God’s purpose for your life; every career is needed and can be used to push the Kingdom of God.

“You also’’ means despite your weakness or late response to the invitation of God to do His will, there is still space for you to be a kingdom worker. Also, no matter your beginning, God can use you also to achieve greater feats. It means that there is room for your abilities, capabilities or skills. It also means the work in the Vineyard cannot be completed without you because your contribution is key. If you refuse to come on board, we might miss your part.

“You also” means others might have switched from just working at the marketplace to working in the Vineyard with the same skills, academic life, profession, marriage or assignment. You can also switch the foundation or the motive with which you pursue these things. No matter what your experience or failure might be, in an attempt to discover and serve your purpose, you can still be used by God as He has used others not only as clerical ministers but as Bankers, Farmers, Mechanic, Teachers, Musicians, Security Force Men, Sunday School Teachers, Home Cell Leader, and Ushers, among others. You also can serve God’s purpose in any field you find yourself.