In the ministry of Paul just like the other Apostles, he was limited by space and time. He could not spend much time with the churches as he would wish. The Spirit of God then guided him to write. He wrote to the churches in Rome, Corinth, Galatia, Ephesus, among others. These writings contained commendations as well as directions to address certain needs of the church.

In today’s reading for instance, a young man became so promiscuous to the extent of having sexual relationship with the father’s wife, but not everyone was so concerned about it. It could be that such a practice was common within their environment and so they treated it as such When Apostle Paul heard about it, he wrote to address that need. He also gave directions on how it should be handled. In your society today, there are many ills that God is calling on you to write about.

There are moral issues of LGTBTQ+, substance abuse, corruption within the political and religious environments, etc. You may write to share some business and entrepreneurial ideas as well as care for God’s Creation. You may also write to meet the needs of some specific age groups like children (Eg. Courtesy for Boys and Girls), teens (Understanding Your Body as you Grow), young adults (Starting your Own Business), retirees (Having a Stress-free Retirement), etc.

The mystery about writing is that it travels more than the writer and can be a blessing to generations to come. God is calling on you to write.