One of the reasons why people experience fear is life and the problems that always come with it. Life can sometimes surprise us by posing some really huge problems that seek to threaten our faith in God and make us even want to question God’s presence in our lives.

This was the situation of the disciples when they faced the storm on the sea. They had given up all hope; threw their hands up in the air in total despair, probably waiting for what worse could happen next. They, at a point in time, as most people would, question Jesus as to why He would forsake them in such circumstances.

To Jesus, His presence with the disciples for that long meant one thing; more faith. Sometimes, as Christians, we experience those storms of life that threaten to crumble all that we have built over the years. But in such an instance, what would you do?  “Faith!” Jesus says; not fear.

It is true that sometimes, there are those kinds of problems in life that can crumble our world. Such troubling situations could be very huge, but the truth is that they cannot in anyway be bigger than our God.

Today, God is not asking much from you, just your faith. Look up to Him; for He will prove Himself strong. He has done it for others, and He will surely do it for you.