The God-kind of love, which is referred to in the Greek as Agape is the kind of love that God Himself demonstrates to humanity. In our world today, it is often difficult to determine whether a person is showing genuine love or is being hypocritical. Hypocrisy has become the order of the day. Also, people seem to express love to others based on what they would get in return. Love should not be conditional. Some are also involved in acts of goodness and kindness because of their reputation and not because of a genuine burden to demonstrate love.

Love is not a feeling which we express when we are happy or come into contact with a select few. A young lady would say she is in love with a married man and would do everything to have him. This cannot be described as love. Also, during courtship or dating, a guy or lady would tell the other that “If you really love me, then prove it by having sex with me.” This is not love. It is a deception from the pits of hell which young people must be wary of. Nobody who loves you will cause you to contravene God’s word to demonstrate that love. The expression of love must be tested using God’s word.

Love is not sex, neither is it necessarily an act of goodness, kindness etc. It must be motivated by a genuine desire to please the Master and not selfish ambitions.