It was observed in a community that as the children were playing and they offended one another, the offended children removed their clothes and pronounced negative words on the offenders. As the children were observed in the playing field, it became apparent that the invocation of curses and insults were a common practice among the children. Surprisingly, this negative behaviour was observed among children playing at different places in the community.

An inquiry into the behaviour revealed that this was a common practice in the community by adults. Whenever one was offended, they removed their clothes and hail curses on the offender. In short, this was the kind of training the children were receiving in that community.

The Bible admonishes us to train children with the kind of training we have received from the Lord (Eph. 6:4). We have learnt several virtues such as such love, kindness, forgiveness, patients, respect and compassion. Others are obedience, trustworthiness and faithfulness from the Lord.


How do we get these virtues we learnt, and are still learning from the Lord to our children?

Some steps that can be taken:

–           Identify at least one virtue you want to teach a child this week or month

–           Model it to a child/children

–           Discuss that virtue and the advantages and disadvantages of using this virtue.