EXPOSITION: In this week’s devotion, we have considered how we can grow the leadership potential in us as Christian youth. It is imperative for us to know that leadership is not necessarily having the highest position  in a particular setting; instead leadership is about influence – having  influence in a setting such that people look up to you.

Daniel is an exquisite biblical example of a youth who demonstrated  exceptional leadership from behind. Daniel demonstrated great influence as a middle man in the kingdom of the Medes and Persian. Though Daniel was a chief minister under the rulership of Darius, he demonstrated such an outstanding leadership that the other chief ministers and satraps looked up to him. A mystery about the excellence  of Daniel in leadership was his consistent and uninterrupted prayer life.

The continual watering of the field by the farmer is very essential to    the growth of the implanted seeds, as the watering nourishes the seeds and prepares the seeds for sprouting. An apparent condition that can temper with the growing of a seed is prolong drought –indicating a challenging and difficult situation in life. Like Daniel, the Christian leader is bound to face some oppositions and challenges in their realm of leadership for whatsoever reason. However, the Christian leader with a relentless and persistent attitude in prayer will surmount every hurdle to excel.

Prayer is very  paramount in the growing process of every potential leader. The prayer life of every Christian is necessary for their growth. There is the life of a tree in every seed, and prayer is a way of unlocking the   life of the tree embedded in the seed of leadership in us. We must cultivate the attitude of daily drawing from the well of the Spirit in prayer to water the seed of leadership in us. The Holy Spirit   is a stream of living waters we can daily draw from to nourish the seed of leadership implanted in us. Let’s always endeavour to go to the streams of living waters to draw from Him.