Prayer is one of the most talked about Christian disciplines but also one that is seldom practised by many in their closets. Many people would prefer that others prayed for them rather than doing it themselves. People only pray when they go to church but in their closet, they are unable to spend even five minutes in prayer.

Often in our prayer, we are impatient and require an answer immediately. We are unprepared to wait for the timing of God. We literally push God to give us an answer. When the answer we so desire seems not to come, we in turn answer for the Lord. Waiting upon the Lord in prayer requires praying consistently without getting weary. It’s not about going to the pastor or bishop to pray for you but seeking God for yourself. The psalmist, in our main text for the day, says he waited patiently on the Lord. This was not a one-day experience but a continuous and deliberate time in prayer. It was a long but persistent wait. It was then the Lord responded to his prayer. God desires that His children commune with Him in prayer, so that He can reveal unto them many hidden truths.

As we pray, we focus wholly on the Lord with our heart, mind and all that we have. As we do that, we must be open to receive answers from the Lord when He speaks back to us. Waiting in prayer is never complete when God does not speak back or respond to us. Prayer is two-dimensional: we speak to God and He also speaks to us. As we patiently seek God in prayer, He carefully leads and guides us to walk in His will daily.