The amazing thing is that at creation Adam and Eve spoke one language and that continued for their offspring until in Genesis 11 when God diversified the languages so that people could scatter and fill the earth as He had originally intended. Therefore, diversity in language and culture is not a sign of superiority or inferiority but part of God’s plan to expand the human race and cause us to inhabit the earth. Every language was created by God and thus is equal before Him. New languages that develop still comes from the old ones God diversified at Babel.

On the day of Pentecost in Acts 2, God reached the people of all nations by causing them to hear the language of the Galileans as their own language. In God’s plan of salvation, He reaches to others through their language and culture. Again, in Revelations 7, when we all come before God in Heaven, we shall come from every nation, tribe, people and tongues (languages, dialects).

God takes keen interest in people from all nations, tribes, and languages without prejudice or discrimination. If languages are so important in Heaven, and nations and people groups are recognized, why should we manipulate people because of the language they speak or where they come from? Let us show love and respect to all people and treat them with dignity and respect for who they are before God and not where they come from or the language they speak.