Another very important aspect of waiting is giving God worship. In a broad sense, the believer’s way of life and service to God is worship. Worship is service to God. The entire Christian church service can be classified as a worship service. However, there is also an aspect of the liturgy in most churches which is referred to as worship.

In worship, we give appellations to God and bless Him for who He is. The Easton’s Bible Dictionary defines worship as homage rendered to God which is sinful (idolatry) to render to any created being.

Jesus in His interaction with the Samaritan woman said that the time was due for true worshippers to worship the Father in spirit and truth. True worship cannot be neglected when we are looking at waiting on God.

In worship, our focus is on the Lord. During worship, appropriate worship songs are sung accompanied by prayers. We forget about everything we are going through; as we get deeper in worship, our spiritual senses become more alive, and are able to pick spiritual signals. We are quickly able to perceive when God is speaking with us.

In our closet, most of our prayers should be worship unto the Lord. Aside from worship as a prayer, our way of life should reflect worship unto the Lord. Worship is only complete when our lives, constantly show reverence to the Lord.