This week our focus is on the training and development of children. A 10-year-old girl was found at the bread milling machine site. Her mother sent her to mill flour for bread. Upon her arrival, she noticed that there were too many people waiting for the same service. After a while, she began to use her hand to mix and mill it. She was able to use her hand to mill it so smooth that she decided to take it home. When she was asked, how are you able to do this? She responded, “I have watched my mother do this severally, and she showed me how to do it.”

People around wondered what could make the young girl do something adults could not do and for that matter had to wait in the queue for the machine. What came to mind was ‘train up a child.’

Our mandate from Scripture towards children is to ‘train’ (Prov. 22:6). What does it mean to train up a child? The purpose of every training is to ensure a change in heart (attitude), hands (skills) and head (knowledge). It ensures that the growth and development of a child occurs.

We are told that Jesus grew (Luke 2:52). God expects every child to increase in wisdom (cognitive), stature (physical), favour with God (spiritual) and favour with men (socio-emotional).

Every child needs training and must undergoing training. Also, training requires a curriculum, time table, resource materials, trainers, etc.


–           What changes are we expecting in the lives of children?

–           What curricula do you have for training your children?

–           Who is the trainer of these children?