Kojo announced to his friends in class that this year, is the year of great revival in the church of Pentecost and he is expecting great revival in his personal life. His friend Ama advised him that if you want revival in your personal life, take personal devotion seriously and make it your habit. Kojo didn’t take this advice. He does not make time for personal devotions neither does he make time for attending church services regularly. However, he keeps announcing the coming of revival in his life. The price is what you give out and prize is the reward/what you get for paying the price. Kojo keeps his eyes on the revival (prize) but not willing to pay the price.

There is a price before the prize. The Bible made us understand that Christ paid the price before He got the prize. He suffered on the cross (Isa. 53:4-10) before He earned the name above all names (Phil. 2:6-9). It is said that the prize is possible only if you are willing to pay the price. Jesus says, all things are possible to those who believe. To believe is a price to be paid. This is because when you believe, you take certain actions that could amount to paying the price.

Do you know it is difficult and painful when paying the price but rewarding and glorious when receiving the prize? Remember, Jesus sets the example for us when he went to the cross and wants us to follow him. You can be sure that God’s grace is sufficient for you in the difficult and painful moment of the price. Keep your eyes on the prize and keep pressing on – paying the price.