In one of my visitations to PENSA in a senior high school, I preached from Ephesians 3:10 on God’s original intent for humanity through the church. That through the church, the manifold wisdom of God will be made known to the world. That God’s intention was to bring everybody to the saving knowledge of Christ. I encouraged the young students to see the preaching of the message of salvation as everyone’s responsibility, and that when the chance and the opportunity comes, they should share the word of God with their friends on campus. Just after the ministration, one student just walked to me and said, ‘Pastor, keep praying for me, and that I have been able to preach Christ to six of my mates who have all accepted Christ.

She went on to say that she has been personally committed to the spiritual development of those converts of hers, and she always brings them to church (PENSA) on Sundays. She had purchased three of the Streams of Living Water for ‘her converts’. I promised to add three additional copies of the Devotional Guides for the remaining converts.

She introduced all her converts to my wife and me. My heart was full of joy when this young lady told me this. As I drove from the town to the next school to visit, I was elated to know that there were still young people who were on fire for God. The preaching of the message of salvation is the core mandate of every believer. As young people, we are encouraged by the word of God to share the word of God with our friends and classmates. We should make use of every opportunity that comes our way and make Christ known. It is our mandate as young people.

A good number of people are without Christ. Our friends on campus, mates, colleagues, lecturers, relations, customers, etc. How will they hear if the word is not spoken?