Quiet time is defined by Wikipedia as heart-to-heart or one-on-one time with the Creator; it is a regular individual session of Christian spiritual activities such as prayer, private meditation, contemplation, worship of God or the study of the Bible.

As a young parent, you must make it a point to take the family through a consistent effective quiet time to help build the spirituality of the family. As a youth ministry, we aim to ground each individual in the Lord God Almighty. The world with its ‘noises’ keeps drawing the attention of Christians. It is in this regard that as a young parent, you must by any means righteously possible practise a healthy family quiet time. I will define a young parent as either an individual or a couple blessed with both biological and adopted children. In the family setting, it includes all other individuals who participate in the daily activities of the family life. Thus, you must involve all and sundry in the care of life in the daily quiet time. By the close of the week, you will appreciate the need to have regular quiet time with your family.