Social media has become one of the driving forces of our world today. It is a major platform for dissemination of information and building consensus. Social media and other new technologies have moved the world from post-modernism to digimodernism.

Most people relate more with their social media (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram etc) communities better than the physical communities we live in. Today, you don’t need a journalist or a media house for news to be reported. All you need is a mobile phone with a camera and internet connectivity to take a few pictures or videos and send. On social media, everybody is free to comment and argue out their point, and ideas are formed based on these information and comments.

Achieving popularity is easier now with social media. Unfortunately, you can easily get lost in the euphoria and misappropriate yourself as a Christian. The Bible admonishes us to guard ourselves from unwholesome talks which include social media chats and comments. Avoid sending or forwarding or viewing unwholesome or pornographic pictures and videos. Ensure that information you put on social media will edify your readers and cast no doubt that you are a child of God. Rather, use these platforms to propagate the Gospel of Christ and spread information that will boost the morality of society.