The knowledge we have of a bank is a place of storage and transactions of money. Financial deposits are made and loans are collected in times of need to revitalize or start a business. Well-established banks promote the growth of the economy of any country.

This principle applies to the family as well. Having the discipline to practice great quiet time as a family helps to build a strong resilient spirituality to battle the enemy in times of crises. The Word of God is active and sharper than any two-edged sword. Life is full of uncertainties but the one thing that is able to keep you grounded and safe from the stormy blast is the sure word of God.

The word bank in the family members will bring life and healing to them in times of sicknesses and death. The word will keep your family from falling into sins and teach them to walk in holiness in this depraved world. Capture the minds of the children with the word of God before the world and the devil does. Preach the gospel and lead the unsaved ones, especially the children, to Christ.

Take a topic to thoroughly digest for a week, memory verse recitations, the tenets of the church, and break down the theme of the year to help the family grow rich in the word. Assign the days of the week to the members of the family to take turns teaching the word. This affords you the parent to correct erroneous doctrines and heresies which weaken the faith of the children.