Value is derived from the Latin word Valeo which means to be of worth – thus the qualities and features of a thing that renders it useful (Webster’s 1828 Dictionary). The word of God also known as the Bible, is the basic means through which God communicates to His will to His people apart from prophecies, dreams, revelations and visions. Though the word of God was recorded and compiled into the Bible by mere men with human limitations and weaknesses, the words in the Bible are without fault and are sacred because those men wrote under the inspiration and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

From our scripture reading, we see Paul admonishing Timothy (a youth and his son in the faith) never to neglect the word of God but rather give it the needed attention and its rightful place in his life. Timothy must pay heed to Paul’s advice because the word of God is so powerful and effective such that it is able to teach, reproof, correct and instruct him in his walk with God (Righteousness) in order to become the kind minister of God he ought to be. Paul has seen and experienced the power and effectiveness of the word of God in his own life hence he is able to urge Timothy (who is a youth) to place much premium on the word of above all things.

As youths being equipped and unleashed to possess the nations, we must value the word of God above all else by studying and living it in our daily activities.