The Bible which contains sixty-six (66) books was written by approximately forty (40) human authors of diverse backgrounds from three different continents. It was written over a period of one thousand five hundred (1500) years. Despite all these factors, the Bible displays internal consistency. From Genesis to Revelations, the central theme of the Bible points to Jesus Christ.

The Bible is consistent with how humankind indulges in activities that separate him from God however God on the other hand is seen as reconciling humankind to Himself.

The unity of the Scriptures refers to its internal consistency. The New Testament consistently affirms the Old Testament by making several references to it. It is in the New Testament that many prophecies and statements made in the Old Testament are clearly understood. The New Testament is a fulfillment of the Old. The New Testament explains clearly many of the practices of the Jews. It is said that “the Old Testament concealed is the New Testament revealed.”

Our Scripture readings for today affirm the unity of the Scriptures. In Jesus’ temptation by the devil, He quoted from the Old Testament. Examples such as these are found throughout Scripture. The unity of the Bible is so phenomenal and thus it is important that everyone accepts the Bible as truly from God and is the Word of God.