The Christian life should not be based on assumptions. Many Christians have caused much pain to themselves because they lived on assumptions. To live on assumption means to accept something without questioning or proving its authenticity. A story was told of a young man who was promised by someone that his accounts would be credited before Friday. On Monday of the following week, he travelled almost an hour to the nearest bank from where he had to withdraw the money without finding out from the person whether he had been able to credit his account before the weekend as he promised. With his last penny, he got to the bank only to be told that there was no money in his account. Prof. Stephen Addai once said: ‘In God we trust, every other person we verify’. Mary and Joseph assumed that Jesus was in the ‘travelling party’ and failed to do due diligence. One may easily forgive Joseph but not so with Mary for being the mother who carried Him in her womb for at least nine (9) months.

But before you can remove the speck from Joseph and Mary’s eyes, let’s try to remove the plank in our own eyes. How often have we also assumed that since we have given our lives to Jesus, our growth and maturity is automatic. Some even assume that just because they were born into the church, they are surely going to become Christians. We must know that we must work out our own salvation with fear and trembling. After an effective program we sometimes assume that the canopies, chairs and even the instruments would be carried to their right places. EVERYBODY assumes SOMEBODY would do it and in the end NOBODY does it. As Christians, we should be responsive and take care of properties in the house of God and even our homes.