This week, we will be looking at a very interesting topic, “The Spirit-Controlled Temperament”. Human beings are basically classified under four temperamental traits: choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic and melancholic. Each temperamental trait has strengths and weaknesses, but when one avails themselves to the leadings of the Holy Spirit, one can overcome the weaknesses of their temperamental groups.

The scripture you just read lists the names of the twelve Disciples of Christ. Simon was described as a zealot while Matthew was described as a tax collector. Naturally, if any of the twelve should be money-conscious to the extent of stealing, it should be Matthew who was a tax collector, and if any of them should draw a sword at the crucifixion of Christ, it should be Simon the Zealot. But these two individuals would avail themselves to the teachings of Christ and the leadings of the Holy Spirit and would be changed substantially.

Thus, in the end, it was rather Judas who was found guilty of stealing and it was Peter who drew the sword. No matter our backgrounds or our temperaments, if we avail ourselves to the Holy Spirit, He will change us and make us useful for the Kingdom business.