God has been good to us today again to discuss His word. Yesterday we talked about how to make sure you are known by God. Today we will discuss the second part of 2 Timothy 2:19 – “All those who call the name of the Lord must depart from iniquity.”

It is established that the foundation is firm and has the inscription “all who call on the name of the Lord should depart from iniquity.” To build on the solid foundation, Paul explicitly said one must be careful, meaning you do not choose how to build because the way to build is clearly spelt out. One of such ways is to depart from iniquity. To choose God is to choose righteousness against iniquity. To build on Christ Jesus as the solid foundation, one must love and practice righteousness and hate sin (iniquity). That is what has been written on the foundation which cannot be changed. It is righteousness that exalts a nation. In obedience to the word of God we would be led to following the path of righteousness which will exalt us as we seek to possess the nations. How to do that is to hate sin with intensity and love righteousness with passion as much as to walk in it without compromising at all regardless of the consequences. Let us go all out.