Third parties are not always persons. They could be pets, habits, practices, lifestyles or any obsession. Basically, anything that infringes upon the marital relationship is a third party. Social media has become part of our everyday lives. The average person is said to spend about three hours a day on social media. Couples ought to properly manage the time they spend on social media. It happens that a couple can stay in a room for about an hour without saying a word to each other, because they are both busy on their phones or tablets checking updates on social media.

Unfortunately, some married people have formed negative habits such as pornography, dating and the worst one now being “phone sex” through their regular use of social media. These behaviours or habits do not please the Lord. Our light must shine wherever we are. Men must see our good deeds (especially on social media) and glorify our Father in heaven. We can no longer live our lives in obscurity now that we have become children of light. Every person should manage the amount of time they spend on social media as well as what they do.

It is interesting to note that some married people make their gadgets such as phones, tablets and laptops inaccessible to their partners. Their spouses are not permitted to answer their calls or read their messages. Gadgets have been locked with passwords, fingerprint and facial recognition combined, all in an attempt to keep a person or something that infringes upon the marital relationship from being found out. In marriage there is really nothing like privacy. Genesis 2:25 says the man and his wife were both naked and they felt no shame. Couples should be open about everything they do. It builds trust and leaves no room for suspicion in the marital relationship. Most importantly no third party will gain grounds to sabotage your marriage.